I'm Not Sleepy!

By Jane Chapman
Published by: Little Tiger Press 2012

It's bedtime, and Mo isn't sleepy. Not one tiny bit. "I don't want to go to bed!" he giggles. "I want to play!" "But SOMEONE has to go to bed," says Grandma. "Maybe I should go to bed and YOU can stay up." "Yes! Yes! Yes!" laughs Mo, but putting Grandma to bed is harder than he thought...

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Jane says...

Iʼm so proud of this book! Little Mo is super-cute (especially when heʼs got his Bedtime Biscuit and is being good), and his grandma is consistently kind and patient – the opposite of me at kidsʼ bedtimes!

We had a great response to this in group-reading times, and an interesting discussion about suitable foods before bed: bananas and warm milk were popular…

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