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School Visits

I visit several schools each year to talk about illustration or teach art, from Key Stage 1 up to adults. It is so much fun to encourage people to draw when they didn’t know they could do it. I once taught 600 kids in a day (super-efficient staff wanted everyone to benefit), and we had a great time.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.


Art for Sale

If you are interested in buying original artwork please email me. I can work to commission, so if an original illustration is not available, don’t despair.


Aspiring Authors and Illustrators

I do not comment on unsolicited texts, unless they are sent via a publisher. It is best to get
comments from an editor rather than from me.

If you have a text you would like illustrated, take it to a publisher first. They will find an
illustrator for you, and commission the art themselves.


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