By Jane Chapman
Published by: Little Tiger Press 2020

Hidden under shady leaves, a tiny gorilla’s face peeps out – silent and alone. But out in the world, friendship awaits. And there is joy to be found . . . together.

A tender story about finding a way through sadness and the importance of compassion and connection in a challenging world.

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Jane says...

I found drawing gorillas very difficult; for weeks, all my drawings looked like grumpy, wrinkly, old men! I needed this baby to have the ‘aah’ factor because he is lost and alone in a big. scary world. Now I think he’s cute – ish… but I secretly find baby gorillas a bit ugly (don’t tell anyone). I hope I get to work on more books like this. I love printmaking, but this is the first time I have ever been commissioned to use it in a picture book.

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