Love Enough For Two

By Jane Chapman
Published by: Little Tiger Press 2017

Mo isn't impressed when his baby cousin Bibi visits - she's far too small to be any fun. Bibi only makes things worse by eating half of Mo's biscuit! Luckily wise Grandma Owl is on hand to save the day...

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Jane says...

It was hard to think of a way to make Bibi look different to Mo in this follow up to I’m Not Sleepy! In the end, I placed her eyes much further apart on her head. She makes me laugh because she looks a bit bonkers! When I look back at the photos of our family, our babies look a bit bonkers, but I thought they were gorgeous at the time…

Published in the USA as Me Too, Grandma!

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Text © 2017 by Jane Chapman. Illustrations © 2017 by Jane Chapman
Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Little Tiger Press

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