Silly Dizzy Dinosaur

By Jack Tickle
Published by: Little Tiger Press 2015

Silly Dizzy Dinosaur loves to play, so get ready to tickle, shake and shout in this fun, interactive book!

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Jane says...

Although it’s aimed at a younger audience, even seven year olds that we’ve shared it with had fun joining in. And who can blame them – you get to interact with the juicy, red stegosaurus. He reminds me a bit of a giant, squishy strawberry!

The book ends with, Bye-bye, Dizzy. See you soon! Judging by our focus groups, it won’t be long until they ask for it again… Little dinosaur fans will love it!

Take a look inside

Text © 2015 by Jack Tickle. Illustrations © 2015 by Jack Tickle

Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Little Tiger Press

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